TOP/英語 of 富士インターナショナルアカデミー

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Welcome to the Fuji-Internetional academy. One of your dream approaches.

genkan.jpgThere are a lot of japanese schools. It is up to you which your school you choose. It is certain that fuji-international academy becomes the best school for you.Fukuoka which plays an international role as the center of kyusyu, an asian teller, it is a center of business,and Fukuoka that is the center of the various circulation is the town which foreign students live for in Seinan university, Kyushuyu university,in this city fukuoka, a large number of famous schools including Fukuoka University of technology gather,seniors are good for the places where many opportunities of the in studies,finding enployment, in addtion, a city that there is chinese consulate,American consulate,korean consulate. and foreigners are easy to spend, and live for in peace. It is a city developing as an asian window, international teller definitely. It is the school where your parents can fee relievd heartliy, and becomes big one step in your future, It is fuji-international academy!